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July 2016
MPO - CELLCO Data Center Solutions Very quickly expanding progress also includes fiber optic installations. Users are constantly increasing strict
requirements on bandwidth and reliability links and increased fiber aggregation. more »
May 2016
Splitters – manufactured in our factory


Cellco - the first manufacturer of PLC splitters in Poland

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March 2016
CELLCO Drop Cables

Cellco Drop Cables (harsh, FTTX and ruggedized solution)

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Pulling device
Pulling device can be used on breakout and fan-out cables. It protects the fibers and allows easier handling operation.
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Special offer

What's new?

How can we produce the splitter 1x128 for you? Advantages of 1x128 splitter, main differences between spliced and non-spliced couplers.
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"Temperature stable PLC Splitters"

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