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EZ- Bend patchcord

EZ-Bend™ Optical Cables help in speeding and simplifying indoor optical drop cable installations.
They can be routed around corners and stapled using traditional fast and easy copper wire installation practices, with negligible signal loss. EZ-Bend Cables offer reliable support for MDU drop and in-home wiring applications, and can support great-quality high-definition television (HDTV), on-demand video, ultra high speed data, voice, online gaming and many other revenue-generating services. Having a slight bending radius, they are designed particularly for indoor installation with GEPON network.

Simplex Cable EZ-Bend offers less than 0.1 dB macrobending attenuation for 1 turn at 5mm fiber bend radius and less than 0.3 dB attenuation with a whole installation set in a residential building of a statistical size (MDU Simulation Test by Verizon TPR.9424).

Currently, it is the best solution used for cabling in PON networks - being far better than ITU G.657B requirements, and backward compatible with installed G.652D fibers.


PON patchcord

Pigtails and patchcords produced by Cellco offer:

Pigtails and patchcords produced by Cellco offer:

 “Copper-like” installation process: Can be routed using familiar copper wire practices
 Faster, easier installation: no extra steps to install bend limiters, conduits, or raceways
 Compact installation and storage: Conforms to building; slack fits in small storage spaces
 Fast, easy, low loss splicing to G.652D fiber with existing core and clad aligned splice equipment
 Familiar, standard connector termination: Solid fiber construction can be terminated using standard optical connectors and polishing techniques
 Familiar connector endface cleaning using same process as with existing G.652 solid construction fiber
 MDU and in-home optimized: Ideal for in-residence wiring and difficult installation routes in MDU overbuilds
 Greener Solution: Free of heavy metals and RoHS-compliant; solution uses less total materials and energy than copper solutions



 GEPON networks
 patchcords for ONU devices
 fast indoor installations in various fibre technologies


 3,0mm - pigtails, patchcords;
 4,8mm - individual installation ci GEPON


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Patchcords, pigtails, accessories
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Splitters, CWDM, DWDM
Fiber optic service


NEPTUN 3U 8X and 12X patchpanel

is a 19" patchpanel designed for easy organization of optical fibers, thanks to the use of modular cassettes.
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