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UKN - telescoping patchpanel

CELLCO has invented and released the new UKN Patchpanel with a sliding drawer (with telescopes) which gives easy reconfiguration and access to splice cassettes and pigtails. UKN model provides protected access to a detachable front panel. Adjustable mounting brackets allow the panel to be mounted flush with 19” mounting posts or recessed.

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Przełącznice światłowodowe 19”   UKN Telecom
Przełącznica światłowodowa 1UKN
Przełącznica światłowodowa 2UKN


! 100% telescoping extension

max 144 ways ( 72 SC DX ) 3UKN option RAL 9005 (black) 
max 96 way (48 SC duplex) 2UKN protected access to front panel
max 48 way (24 SC duplex) 1UKN 4 gland holes at rear (for cable access)
 key locker for access protection 2 additional angled access at rear with easy mounting solution
cable ties for pigtails fiber bend radius control provided (3,5”)
ports SC, FC, E2000, ST, LC, LC DX, MTRJ pre-wired factory terminated available
ports numbered for identification the rear allows 4xPG gland access and 2 angled for easy access
RAL 7035 (grey)  


1U x 19”x 250mm
Available versions
- 12 ports SC simplex or E2000 simplex
- 12 ports LC duplex (24LC)
PP-1U-UKN-12SCDX - 12 ports SC duplex
PP-1U-UKN-24SCSX- 24ports SC simplex or E2000 simplex
- 24 ports LC duplex (48LC) or E2000
PP-1U-UKN-24SCDX - 24 ports SC duplex (48 ports)
PP-1U-UKN-12STFC - 12 ports ST or FC
PP-1U-UKN-24STFC - 24ports ST or FC
PP-2U-UKN-48 ST or FC 
PP-2U-UKN-48 SC DX (96 ports) 


Adapters (SC/PC, SC/APC, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST/PC, LC/PC, E2000/PC, E2000/APC and another)
Splice cassettes
Cassette cover
PG gland
4 cable rear entrance
 Telecom fiber optic patchpanel
Przełącznice światłowodowe
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Patchcords, pigtails, accessories
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Splitters, CWDM, DWDM
Fiber optic service


NEPTUN 3U 8X and 12X patchpanel

is a 19" patchpanel designed for easy organization of optical fibers, thanks to the use of modular cassettes.
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