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SLIDE panel - 1U patchpanel 19

The new design of 1U fiber optic patchpanel allows you to easily install and maintain the fiber optic connections. The 19-inch construction with a slide panel and high density provide a very accessible termination and maintenance without removing the panel from the rack.


Rackmount patchpanel  enclosures are designed for direct termination of up to 48 fibers (24xSC DUPLEX). The heavy-duty metal body provides excellent protection of the inside fibers. To meet your specific requirements we offer a large variety of connectors and adapters. Enclosure has a slide and removable drawer. It can be provided  fully loaded with adaptors, pigtails, cable glands or unloaded. For splicing applications - up to four splice trays - can be easily mounted in side.

 19” rackmount module
 for singlemode and multimode fibers
 up to 24 adapters
 easy access to jumpers and terminated cables
 up to 4 splice cassettes
 RAL 7035 (gray) or RAL 9005 (black) powder painting as a standard
 provides minimum bending radius ( 1,5 ')
 available with pigtail assemblies   
 adjustable mounting brackets (19” mounting posts and recessed)
 FTTH, Telecom, WDM and LAN solutions


U x 19” x 22cm


 PP-1U-SLIDE-12SCSX –  12 ports  SC simplex/E2000 simplex
 PP-1U-SLIDE-12SCDX –  12 ports  SC duplex
 PP-1U-SLIDE-24SCSX –  24portów SC simplex/E2000 simplex
 PP-1U-SLIDE-24SCDX –  24portów SC duplex
 PP-1U-SLIDE-12STFC  – 12 ports  ST/FC
 PP-1U-SPIDE-24STFC –  24ports ST/FC
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Patchcords, pigtails, accessories
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Splitters, CWDM, DWDM
Fiber optic service


NEPTUN 3U 8X and 12X patchpanel

is a 19" patchpanel designed for easy organization of optical fibers, thanks to the use of modular cassettes.
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